Boddies Ramp

Boddies Ramp

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What are these monsters?

I always have a little look at the Irwell, on my back from the canal, at the Marriot hotel. Theres a disused lock there which the fish use as a shelter when the rivers up. I got there as it was just dark and the river was alive! Fish were rising everywhere and some were massive. I dunno what the trout are eating at this time of year and the weird thing is they're only topping at the hotel nowhere else up or down stream maybe there's bugs coming off it, maybe from the kitchen!  I had a little go for 10 mins but nothing, trying everything from trotting maggots and floating bread.

Pike fishing the old river

The club set up a day of pike fishing on the old river in Irlam. I've never fished it before and was suprised when I landed two pike. Apparently the water was badly polluted a few years and killed everything off, but over a dozen pike were pulled out. The water seems full of fish for the pike to thrive, its nice to see nature having a comeback. I caught both fish on a float fish rudd midwater and were very lively.

A good week off

I've just had a week off and I promised myself I would wet a line a few times. The canal in town was my first port of call to flip a few lures about. I landed a fish of around 5-6lb behind the bridgewater hall. Theres a fountain in the basin here so the water is very aerated and the pike really dance. The only other intrest I had was down castlefield outside the gym. There are two small arms where barges park up, they were crammed full of small roach. Something was having a pop at em, whether it was a small jack or some nice perch but they weren't interested in my arsenal of lures. I had another go the next day and managed two follows up at Piccadilly basin. I managed to spot a tiny pike under a twig, it was no longer than my finger, I ended up watching it for about ten minutes.

On the Wednesday I met Dave (The Meddy Man) for my first session at clayton vale. The river was up and barely fishable but we stuck it out. I was lucky enough to pull out this brownie of about 2lb but no luck for David. I'll definitely back here when the rivers calmed down.

It was back to the canal on friday and fished a little swim at potato wharf. I only stayed for a couple of hours but managed to win half a dozen small roach and a chunky dace.

Saturday made me venture to drinkwater park to rake some weed out with the club. Check out

This post is abit late due to trouble with my internet.