Boddies Ramp

Boddies Ramp

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bits and bobs

 I've not been out that much lately but here are some
good fish I've managed to pluck out. The chub on the video was just pushing 5lb it also had some beautiful orange scales dotted about.

 Clonking brownies like these are always a nice surprise on the Irwell, taking you all over the river and battling with all they're might. 

This is urban fishing! The river Medlock  just off Whitworth Street in town. I'd been hoping to fish this for ages only just finding a way down to the bank. The bend here is a big deep hole about 5-6 ft deep but the rest of the river is only about 2ft, a great holding spot boasting big chub and millions of gudgeon, which are always a pleasure to catch.