Boddies Ramp

Boddies Ramp

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Irwell on steroids

The secret to the Irwell...worms! nothing beats simplicity.

Chub around 5lb

Another silver brownie at 3lb, the colour difference in these trout are amazing.

Yet another chub around 5lb

What a surprise this fish was, an 18lb Irwell common caught on a 3lb bottom, expertly netted by The Meddy Man. It was a true powerhouse made of solid muscle unlike its fat commercial brothers. This river will never stop surprising me!

Going deeper underground

Roving around the River Medlock in the centre of Manchester might look weird but it has some hidden treasures. Climbing down the river just behind Piccadilly Station, I had to walk for a good five minutes under the ground through pitch black until the river opens back up to this cracking swim.

On my journey through the tunnel I managed to spot a few small trout living in that tiny stream, in complete darkness. I was praying that my torch held out for the return trip.
The swim was alive with fish, this chub of over 3lb came out to play along with 13 other chub all about a pound and a couple of small perch with lovely bright markings. I could see a little yellow ghost carp of around a pound swimming about. It wasn't interested in my bait. I'm guessing somebody had threw it in from one of the apartments by getting to big for a tank.

Off the radar

Here are a couple of my latest fish caught just before the season closed.
The brownie was a false alarm, being very silvery in colour sea trout sprung to mind but it isn't.

My first Mersey fish, caught on a 4 inch swimbait, chub will have ago at anything that'll fit in their gob!