Boddies Ramp

Boddies Ramp

Thursday, 24 November 2011

2011 so far

I started the year off at my grandparents house in south Florida with my girlfriend, and caught plenty of nice bass and endless bluegills. There my favourite fish to catch the really pull back, their like supercharged perch. Using basic waggler tactics you could easily bag up a ton, I don't understand why our fishing methods haven't caught on there. The saltwater fishing is amazing there's endless beaches and canals next to the house. It's the only place I know where you can fish salt and fresh water next to each other. Theres even some weirs where the fresh water canals flow over into the saltwater ones, here you can catch fish from both in the brackish. Some of the fish I pulled out include sharks, jacks, snook, drums, snapper and rays, which one was way over 30lb. You never know what your gonna get. The highlight was a fully grown bullshark which I managed to get in pretty close.
These giant bluegills were my favourite catch. Those pumpkinseed fish are the same family I think.
Paradise why can't I fish here everyday!

The summer has thrown up some nice fish. I've had some amazing sport on the Irwell. The roach fishing is brill and its on my doorstep. My two best fish of the summer from the Irwell, the chub was about 4lb and the trout was even bigger.

I've done quite abit on the Medlock and landed some beautiful perch. Also this surprise bream came out, it must of come from the canal overflow.

I've had a few good days lure fishing on the canal as well with this pb lure caught pike.

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